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Dry Cleaning is priced per garment

Dry Cleaning

For all the clothes you'd like cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger

Dry cleaning is a great option for most every item of clothing!

What you can expect from our Dry Cleaning service:

  • We check all pockets to check for things that should not go through our cleaning process

  • Each garment is individually checked for stains 

  • Your items come back clean, pressed, and on a hangar

$1.59 Per pound of laundry

Wash & Fold

Great for your average Laundry Day needs, your clothes are washed, dried and neatly folded before they are returned to you.

* we do not offer hang dry

What you can expect from our Wash & Fold service:

  • We check all pockets to make sure there's nothing that should not be washed

  • Your clothes are always washed separately from other's

  • Your clothes are separated by lights and darks, so colors stay looking fresh!