Dry Cleaning

All dry cleaning done at Morrell’s Blue Wave Cleaners is done using Hydro Carbon Solvents one of the most environmentally and effective methods available. Gentle and effective, you can’t go wrong!


Executive Shirt Laundry

Our customers enjoy whiter, brighter dress shirts! We use the highest quality detergents and equipment available in the industry to make your shirts look their best. We replace missing and damaged buttons and collar supports so your shirt is ready to rock & roll!


Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Pressed

The honeymoon is over and now it’s time to put your special memories away and prevent damage and yellowing… like your daughter will appreciate in 25 years. Museum quality preservation techniques are used to package your memories and preserve your love. (Wow, how did I come up with that?) Learn More


Alterations & Sewing

It’s hard to find a great seamstress, well, we have two! So if you bent over a little too far and ripped out your seat or just need a perfect original/street hem on your favorite designer jeans, we do it all.


Wash & Fold

Items such as socks, t-shirts, (other unmentionables), and towels are cleaned by the pound. Why waist precious time at home doing chores when you could be doing something fun! Let our staff separate, clean and fold for you.


Leather & Suede Care

From butt-less riding chaps to leather coats we take care of them. What we can’t clean goes to the country’s best leather and suede cleaner, a partnership you can trust!


Ultrasonic Mini-Blind, Shade and Miscellaneous Item Cleaning

Good vibrations, and Let the good times roll! Ultrasonic cleaning is amazing to say the least. Explained: A generator (like a radio), sends currents to transducer packs (speakers) to produce sound waves that travel through water. This creates capitations and millions of microscopic bubbles form. When the bubbles run into a hard surface, they implode, which causes a scrubbing action that removes dirt, dust, dander, soot, and general grime. How much more awesome can that be?! It actually cleans items microscopically! Blinds, shades, golf clubs, silk plants, if it’s dirty then we can most likely clean it!

About Us

Morrell’s Blue Wave Cleaners is part of the Morrell Family Cleaners. Aaron Morrell is a Rogers High School and University of Washington graduate who has been working in the dry cleaning industry for the past 17 years. Our family-run and operated business started in 1972 at what was originally known as Morrell’s Dry Cleaners off of Stadium Way in Tacoma. It has recently been re-branded and is now Morrells@Stadium Dry Cleaners.

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