Basic Price List


Shirts $2.25

* Laundered shirt buttons replaced FREE

Dry Cleaning

Pants, Jeans, Shorts $5.75
Suit (jacket & pant set) $12.42
Sport Coats $7.23
Shirts $5.99
Golf & Polo Shirts $4.99
Blouses $5.99
Dresses $11.35 and up
Skirts $6.80
Sweaters $5.95

* Some up charges may apply for silk, rayon and adornments (such as beads, sequins, buckles)

About Us

Morrell’s Blue Wave Cleaners is part of the Morrell Family Cleaners. Aaron Morrell is a Rogers High School and University of Washington graduate who has been working in the dry cleaning industry for the past 17 years. Our family-run and operated business started in 1972 at what was originally known as Morrell’s Dry Cleaners off of Stadium Way in Tacoma. It has recently been re-branded and is now Morrells@Stadium Dry Cleaners.

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