24 / 7 Kiosk


The Anytime Cleaners

Need to pick up or drop off your cleaning after hours? Now you can, using our 24/7 Kiosk. This modern concept in automated dry cleaning delivery allows you around-the-clock access to your dry cleaning! It’s the new vending machine style operating system for your clothes. Take a look at the videos below and try out our 24-7 “Fetch” kiosk system today!

Drop Off HELP Video For Our 27-7 “Fetch” Kiosk System

Pick Up HELP Video For Our 27-7 “Fetch” Kiosk System

Informational Video For Our 27-7 “Fetch” Kiosk System

About Us

Morrell’s Blue Wave Cleaners is part of the Morrell Family Cleaners. Aaron Morrell is a Rogers High School and University of Washington graduate who has been working in the dry cleaning industry for the past 17 years. Our family-run and operated business started in 1972 at what was originally known as Morrell’s Dry Cleaners off of Stadium Way in Tacoma. It has recently been re-branded and is now Morrells@Stadium Dry Cleaners.

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